Another Odyssey to Tuvalu

  • 12 January 2014

One of the reasons I set up this site was to add to the few online photo galleries showing what Tuvalu looks like.  It’s a beautiful place, and needs to be protected.  But who else has been to Tuvalu, and what else is out there on the web that is worth being showcased?  This new blog series is going to explore Tuvalu on the web, and maybe some other Tuvalu topics as we go.

This week, we visit the website of another traveller who visited Tuvalu in 2011 (over a year after my own visit) and blogged the story at The Odyssey Expedition.  Englishman Graham Hughes set a record visiting every country in the world – including Tuvalu – without flying.  Getting to Tuvalu by surface must have been a fair challenge, but he not only got there, but looks to have not only had a hog roast with the Tuvalu prime minister, but more seriously explored his conscience about Tuvalu’s perilous climate change challenge.

Here’s a hog roast I was fortunate enough to partake in while I was in Tuvalu.

My hog roast on Tuvalu


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