• 12 April 2015

Tuvalu doesn’t have a dedicated parliament building.  Instead, the parliament sits in a “maneapa” building near the main government administration building, next to the airport terminal.

The maneapa (a meeting place) is an open sided building, empty inside so that it can be set up as needed.  It is used by the community.  I didn’t see parliament sit when I was in Tuvalu, but I saw the maneapa used as a lively community space.

This is the large maneapa next to the airport terminal, the second photo being people farewelling travellers on the departing flight.


The crowd gathers to wave farewell, Funafuti International Airport, Tuvalu, to greet new arrivals

I found another maneapa further along the island, this one adorned with palm fronds on top of the thatched roof.

local maneapa

And another one here, a little more contemporary in style.

A maneapa (meeting place) in Vaiaku township, Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu

Within days after Cyclone Pam caused significant damage to the country, Tuvalu has just had a national election.  Politicians representing each of the islands have been elected, and the new government has formed. Here is a photograph of the new Cabinet, posed outside the maneapa in Funafuti.



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