New Funafuti Airport terminal

  • 26 January 2017

Funafuti is getting a new airport terminal building, which looks like it will be a lot more modern and spacious than the existing one.  It is being built next to the existing building.

This is the existing terminal, with its stand-out blue roof.

Inside the building, the check-in desk is a little less sophisticated than most modern airports.  That’s it over on the right of this photo.  My recollection is that the door to the left of the check-in desk is where arriving passengers emerge after passport control.

The door on the left of the photo below is the departures lounge.

As at August 2016, the construction site for the new building looked like this.

This post’s photos (above) are courtesy of a reader of this website, Charles Fisher, taken when visiting Tuvalu in August 2016 to work on another construction project.  Thank you Charles for contacting me and offering your photos for upload!

By around December 2016, it was looking like the foundations had been laid.  It seems that the building will be located in what used to be a public square or park across the road from the Government building.


This is a long way away from Funafuti Airport in the 1970s.  I came across this photo recently, which shows a grassy runway and a shack for the “terminal” building.



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