Tuvalu Photos

Boat ride to Funafala

  • 27 October 2013

The boat ride down the lagoon to Funafala took around 25 or 30 minutes.  At first, we kept inside the coast of Fongafale Island and the neighbouring string of islets, but then crossed the opening from the lagoon out to the open ocean.  In a small runabout with 7 or 8 people on board, the swell rising as we crossed  the open channel and no apparent life jackets or oars, this made me feel a little uneasy.  This brought back memories of being on a similar boat out on Pohnpei Lagoon when the motor did cut out several times and my boat driver had to start tinkering around to get things going again (although we weren’t about to drift out into the open ocean that time).  Anyway, this time the outboard engine kept powering away and we could enjoy the view across the lagoon – some passing rain showers creating faint rainbows over tiny islets poking out from the deep blue sea.


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