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Departing Tuvalu

  • 27 October 2013

On the day I left Tuvalu, I headed down to the airport terminal a little early, with everyone else, to watch the plane arrive.  It seems that this is a big event on Funafuti.  There was a small market set up outside the terminal, and people milling around.  I made my farewells to the other travellers I’d met during my stay, and went through the terminal building to have my passport stamped out and board the plane.  On my flight to Suva, the Tuvaluan prime minister was on board.

I missed any view of the atoll when I arrived because I was sitting on the wrong side of the plane, but shortly after takeoff, I had a glimpse of Fongafale Island from the air.  I could quickly pick out some of the places I’d visited before we turned south and the slither of the island disappeared behind us.


2 Comments on Departing Tuvalu

  • Maluseu Tapaeko says:
    21 February 2015 at 1:40 am

    I enjoyed reading your web page. I am Tuvaluan studying here in Porto, Portugal. I have not been back to Tuvalu since 2006. I have lived in Fiji all these time, since I am from Kioa Island in Fiji but staying in Tuvalu made me love Tuvalu and Fiji both ….:D Thanks for the photos, caused a little homesick but lovely pictures capturing everything thats dear to any Tuvaluan. Fakafetai lasi.


    • David Wilson says:
      14 April 2015 at 9:25 pm

      Hi Maluseu, thanks for stopping past. I’m glad that you enjoyed the website. My aim is simply to show Tuvalu as I saw it during a very brief trip, but I didn’t mean to make Tuvaluans living overseas homesick!


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