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  • 27 October 2013

Funafula is a beautiful island, population around 20 or 30, about 30 minutes by boat along the lagoon from Fongafale, Funafuti Atoll.

Funafala is worth the trip all by itself, but I was invited to join a small group heading down to Funafula and observe a group of  school children planting mangrove seedlings as part of a climate change adaptation program, aiming to protect the shoreline.  The mangrove seedings were grown in a nursery on the main island, and brought down by boat for planting. There were volunteers helping organise the planting from the Republic of China (Taiwan) embassy, and from a Japanese NGO non-profit organisation called Tuvalu Overview.  I hope that uploading these photos plays some small role in bringing broader awareness of these projects.


Funafala is at the southern point of Funafuti Atoll:




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